Are you struggling with Heartbreak?

Do you often find yourself lost in thought? Has sadness become a part of your day-to-day routine? Are you carrying around unresolved heartache? Do you feel unlovable? Is loneliness constantly etched in your feelings?

If you're looking for a sign to turn things around - THIS IS IT.

Heartbreak is NOT easy to deal with BUT it isn’t impossible either. If you’re tired of holding onto things that make you feel weak, it is time to be intentional in dealing with them. 



Heartbreak: Now What?

Heartbreak: Now What? is a FREE Masterclass brought to you by Herdyne Mercier where she walks you through the fundamental understanding of heartache, how to identify different types of heartache as well as how to intentionally focus on your pain and deal with it.

Whether you’re going through a breakup, the death of a loved one, moving away to someplace new, or carrying around childhood trauma, this masterclass is for YOU. 

Why & How?

Even though heartbreak has been defined by various philosophers at different points in history, no one has been able to successfully do so. Unlike facts of science, heartbreak doesn’t come with a rigid structure, it’s not the same for everyone and it cannot be commonly defined. Heartbreak is subjective and so is the method of dealing with it. After years of working with clients on a 1:1 level and helping them overcome different types of hurt, I have been able to capture the foundational causes of heartache and after months of research and compilation, I have put together this FREE resource that applies to everyone.

Greetings, I'm Herdyne!

First of all, I would like to congratulate you for taking this first step of looking into a resource that will help you deal with your heartache and thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey. Hi, I’m Herdyne Mercier, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, the Chief Grief Crusader, Host of The Redefining Grief Podcast and above all, I’m an individual who has dealt with and overcame heartbreak.

“Grief. I heard about. Thought I understood it. Thought it was primarily only relevant during death. But, after experiencing my first grief session, Herdyne Mercier completely transformed any and everything I thought I knew about grief. Her careful, cautious and courageous ability to help you realize the beauty of healing through all stages of grief is remarkable.”

– Carla Williams

Who Can Join Heartbreak: Now What?

Even though there are no restrictions on who can join this FREE masterclass, it is best suited for those who:

✅ Are dealing with the loss of a loved one

✅ Are going through a separation with their partner

✅ Have gotten a divorce

✅ Are dealing with a break-up

✅ Are troubled by childhood trauma 

✅ Want to help someone else dealing with heartbreak

✅ Are looking to stay informed

✅ Are curious about heartache

“Herdyne is absolutely amazing! For more than 10 years I was unable to think about my sister, let alone talk about her, without crying as if she had just made her transition the day before. After just one session with Herdyne, I am now able to think about my sister and laugh at all the silly things she did instead of focusing on the fact that I had lost my best friend. Herdyne, thank you for being courageous enough to pursue your purpose with passion.”

– Antwala Robinson


Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes 🙌🏾